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Major and Majic Financial Literacy

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Teaching your children about financial literacy has never been so fun, rewarding and easy to do! Get a head start now and teach your child how to understand finances and apply practical money management skills for financial freedom!
Your child will quickly learn the difference between credit vs debit, how to manage their finances, and even plan for early retirement. They will learn how to set financial goals, create realistic budgets and manage their money by applying practical tools that are proven to work. We've made it fun and exciting to learn financial literacy so your child will have the ultimate competitive advantage! Now your child will understand the importance of saving a portion of their earnings, how to plan for unexpected expenses, avoid common debt mistakes, and most importantly learn how to invest for their future.
Financial literacy is not taught in the traditional educational system, yet it's one of the most important skills for everyone to learn. Financial knowledge is the ultimate roadmap to financial